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September 27, 2008



Hey Heather! I was wondering if you could do me the biggest favor ever..I'm going on a mission and the only thing I have left is my picture for my papers. I had my Dad take a snapshot and it frightened me. This picture is going to follow me my entire mission! I have observed you natural and exceptional photography skills, and would like to request your services for my picture! I am flexible on time when it is convenient for you and we could do it at your house even! All I need is one good one. Just one. My number is 7027674702 and you can email me too!


glad you had such a relaxing weekend! i love the weekends when you can say you enjoyed it and you got things done! great shot too - love the flare.


I am so glad you had a good weekend and were able to relax a little. You sure deserve it!

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