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September 28, 2008



Share the recipe!


I want some now so please share the recipe!


with regards to that top picture... i adore everything about it!! love that you had the light on in the oven and can see them cooking. and how stinkin cute is he.

i look forward to making those... how can we not after that review from your family?
well... minus the poop part. lol.


just caught up on you and I think there must be something in the air, we're all feeling out of sorts!
thanks for making me laugh- or actually kade, he's too cute! everytime i see a pict of him i think its kyle- growing up so fast!!!
hang in there!!!


The cookies look so delish! I'm going to try that recipe!
You are probably up to your eyeballs in preschool stuff, but this site has some cute stuff.
Just thought I'd share.


Mmmm, I LOVE pumpkin cookies..they are the best! You have a super cute family and are an awesome photographer, really.

Michele S

Hey Heather! I'm just catching up. I love that shot! And the cookies sound delicious. Could you shoot the recipe my way, or am I blind and not seeing it on the blog?


We always called no bake cookie "Gorilla Poops". Didn't stop us either. My brothers would actually make them for us and I still haven't figured out the right recipe for them. Mine never turn out, even though they should be so easy.

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