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September 05, 2008



How cute is Kade!!? I love love it! That backpack looks so big!;)

I love hearing about you as a preschool teacher. You have the patience and special talent for that and I'm so excited for you...and the lucky kids as well! Best of luck this coming school year!


Brooke is right, the kids are definately lucky! My girls are loving it. Thanks for taking it on, the drive is worth it :o)


I am cracking up about Lauren! I bet she just feels so much better since she got that hair off her legs! Wow she is getting big! Has she asked yet about make-up?


Oh my goodness! LAUREN!!!!!
What a right of passage, aren't you glad you were there instead of her sneeking to do it alone! good mama, even though, so hard to see her grow up! maybe she'll get tired of it and give up before long.
anyway, sweet stuff.

you are THE WOMAN doing your preschool! Hang in there!

Jennifer Reil

I like your Labor Day tradition, we didn't have the day off of work or school here, but we'll have to take up that tradition anyway. I can't believe Lauren is shaving (I snuck in 5th grade too), they grow up so fast don't they? I love that Kade speaks big boy, so cute. It sounds like your pre-school is going great, how fun! Thanks for sharing about NieNie. I had seen stuff about it on other blogs, but didn't know the whole story until now. How incredibly sad, but how nice that the blogging community is rallying together for them.


that girl of yours really is growing up! i still remember the first time i shaved my legs because it was a HORRIBLE experience (with my best friends guidance instead of my moms - lol)!

'no, i speak big boy' - love it!

happy september.


Brayden was looking at your blog the other day and said. "Mom, she even makes a bottle of Windex look good." I thought you would appreciate that.

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