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November 11, 2008



Well said and thanks for sharing that quote! I miss his powerful talks!


That was quite a prophetic talk wasn't it?! I read a few blogs of people discussing Prop 8 (most of whom were Mormon) and was VERY surprised at the amount of LDS people opposed to it. My friend in Cali said it became a heated issue during some church services. Can you believe it? I think it is all part of the "sifting" process. Kind of like the 10 virgins. I find it all very surprising and interesting.


Thank you for sharing this. It goes right along with the yw lesson I am teaching this Sunday. That is such a powerful quote.


All of the above is true IF you believe in God. We live in a FREE country where we are able to choose...This is our given right! You moromons are so judgemental & hypocritical.

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