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December 26, 2008



Your mom's silly face is awesome.


Mom's silly face is the best in that picture. I guess the guys didn't understand when we said make a silly face. They just don't like to participate with stuff like that.

I love your post. I love all the pics at dad & mom's house. I brought my camera....but didn't take one picture. You are the best. And the dad xmas eve calling me story was told so well. Except the part when you said he calls me because I am on top of things. :)

The dog's name is SPIKE


I just noticed something....Did mom put one hand in her ear & the other she made bunny ears on grandma??? This is some funny stuff!! HAHAHAHA!!!


The silly face pic is a classic! What a funny story about your mom and dad and sisters getting gifts for them! Sounds like a good Christmas and some memories were made. :)


You have a beautiful family! and your mom is georgous! And exactly how cold is freezing cold to you???? 60 haha


Love the family shots. Love that it's freezing out and Lauren's wearing flip-flops. Love that you think you could look bad, with or without roots!


Lauren looks like the coolest girl on that skateboard, and Kade looks tiny on that skooter! I love the pictures. I'm glad you had a good Christmas!


Ok. We are cracking up at the funny face photo. Mom is the best! What is she doing with her hands???

Oh man, I miss you all so much. Not just on Christmas, but every day.

I love the photo of mom with the quilt. Thanks for that. She looks so pretty. I wasn't able to get a very good shot of the quilt myself. It was dark when I finished it & I had to get it off in the mail right away so it would get there by Christmas.

Jenna Rhoads

Heather!!! I Love the pictures and the srories! Love those Dukes!!! One thing you forgot to say that was funny about the family pics was that Zerita looks the same in both pics!!! Ha Ha Ha!! Sure love you guys and miss you! Sorry about your legs~! The stuff we do for our kids!


Good stuff! Aren't you so happy that you have a great and fun family. Sorry to hear about the "thigh incident"- the things we do for our kids. Pure sacrifice. By the way did you catch him or did he not even fall after all that heroism?


Hey good to see your blogging too.
I just love hearing more about family and keeping up with them. We still really don't know you that well since we've only seen each other at two different events in 8 years.....
Now, I'll know you better. Hope that's okay with you. =)
(I'm Andy's wife by the way, Steve's cousin in WA)

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