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February 09, 2009



I love Kyle's pinewood derby car. It is so creative!


I love Kyle's car!! I'm so glad his crayons are non-toxic. :) Ha ha. I actually have been checking out your 1828 blog and your pictures are soooo good! I love that one up there of Kade in the bath, too.

Jennifer Reil

Your new banner is great, and Kyle's pinewood derby car is the best one I have EVER seen! That's awesome that you guys have been painting too. I can't wait to start doing that this summer. I love your 1828 blog and check it often!


Love the new banner! That car is really cool, way to go Kyle!


I love Kyle's car. I want to see pictures of your painted walls when they are finished. Fun for you! I love you photo blog too! I don't know a thing about banners but I love your new one at the top. Super cute!


that is a clever cute!
sorry, no thoughts on the header problem. i'm a blogspotter.
can't wait to see all the new paint colors! tell him he can come over and paint Nates room for's sitting undone. thought I would have it done by now or atleast started.;)

Jamie Carter

i usually make my headers at 875 pixels wide and it makes it really close to center. i'm still trying to get used to typepad's changes. :(
love your photos!!


The car is awesome! So creative, I've never seen anything like it!
I want to see pics of your house and all this painting, what colors and pictures you are hanging, etc. :)

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