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June 03, 2009


mandi ausman

The girls keep asking when they will see you :o( I told them school is over..."I know but when will we see Ms Heather?"

love the colors in that photo!


That is such a cute picture! I love the bright colors too!


Swim lessons with Brice!! That's funny...we may see you over there too, maybe we should carpool! The kids look soo good with the bright color...their mom will love it, knowing her!


Maybe next week you can have a day to play catch up but probably not. Can't wait to see the backyard and I love the picture. Cute kids and man are they getting big!


I feel so the same... but then I think hey maybe I have job security because if it's all done it's time for me to die! jk kinda

I love the pic, you are so talented and I have NO idea how you fit in everything that you do!! You are amazing!


do you ever think back on the days when your older kids were little and how less busy it all was? I find myself doing that from time to time. Brayden did not have a lot of projects in school last year but between between him and Shelby this year it has been project overload! Glad to know the new library is open. Your back yard is going to be so nice for you this summer. I hope you will get a break soon. You have been so busy and you deserve it!


Love this picture! They all look so great!

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