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July 10, 2009


Kimberly Duke

And the part that I threatened to put them both in a home if they are too out of hand!

But it will be fun to hang out with girls (if Im still alive)

You are like Dad though. He wont be grumpy... only super funny!!!


That is funny that dad doesn't want Kim to take care of him! :)

And I love that pic of them. They are so cute holding hands. I wonder what all us girls are going to be like when we are their age. Kim is going to be the young one & she will probably be laughing at all her old sisters!


kim is just like mom!! ha! Who am I like?

when we are old kim wont remember anything from the old house... like when amber use to chase heather around the big brown dining room table!! i hope we love eachother as much as they do when we are old!!

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