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December 26, 2009



i have to say that lily is really cute! and i am going to be like you soon.....with a little baby who is going to be cutting into my sleep. it is all worth it though.


awwwww! what a cute little puppy and what a good little mommy for getting a cute little puppy!

merry christmas!


good for you! Puppies are so cute but alot of work- which is why I haven't caved yet!! She is so sweet....


Lily! If you ever need someone to watch Lily when you go away . . . I'm in. For real.

Merry Christmas. Have so much fun with her.

Soares Family

Shh!! Such a cute addition to your family!! Have you thought about crate training? We did that with our 3 pups...and they have been pretty good with that, they only stay in there at night or when its raining, and the doggie door is shut!! Anyways, good luck! I be the kids are thrilled!!! We miss you guys!

Soares Family

I meant Ahh, not Shh!!! LOL!


What a cute, cute puppy! Great pictures!


awwwwww....she is ADORABLE!!! I can't believe Napoleon used to be that little. Can't wait to see her!

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