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March 01, 2010



as for a book...I read Harry Potter when I'm desperate, and right now, i'm desperate. I'm going through them for a 2nd time.

sorry the dog is killing you...we went through that phase. It doesn't last...forever :)

and where is this photo thing your going to??? how cool.


Let us know how it was at the WPPI! I am so jealous, I think that would be so much fun to attend!


first, i LOVE your self portrait. you are so pretty girl! second, i am SO jealous you are going to wppi - can't wait to hear about it. :) i am currently reading 'one year to an organized life' - exciting, ain't i? :)


1.I can't tell you how excited I am for wppi!! 2. I love your self portrait!
3. if you like fantasy I am reading The mortal instruments trilogy and its fun!


You are gorgeous! Love the pic! Have you gotten your dog fixed yet? Indiana drove me crazy the first couple months, and then we neutered him. Now he is the sweetest, most mellow thing. It was like magic :)

chris jenkins

beautiful self portrait. i wish were brave enough to do that. i am good behind the camera,not so much in front of it.

we had our blue and gold banquet too - we made red velvet cupcakes - such a mess!

i am attending wppi too for the 1st time - i'm hoping to learn a lot.

book suggestions - i read a lot - you can see what is on my list here:


Awesome picture of you.

I'm about to start "The Help." LOT of buzz about this book.

Heather M.

I love this list. That photo of you is awesome - you are beautiful.

I hope the diet continues to go well. It's so hard to do especially when everyone else around is eating things you can't have. Hang in there!

Have a great time at WPPI!!! Some day I'd love to go.

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