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April 14, 2010



Bring me some of those bags and I will do them. LOVE all the pics, especially the one of the trike. It reminds me of my childhood days...


brandons chubby little fingers are so cute tying his shoes!!! and I cant believe how big Kade is getting! The garland is super cute!! Steve is funny!! Selling used cars!! ha! Love all the pictures!


I loved all 10. Steve's comment was the best. He is always saying something to make me laugh. We have the same problem when we go bike riding. I still have that little add on bike on the back of my bike so when we all go I make Kooper ride on it. It solves alot of the "slow" problems.


the egg story is funny & your flags look awesome!!! :)


I don't know what you are talking about when you say you are in a photography slump because every one of these pictures is great. they are technically great as well as wonderfully story telling and emotion evoking! You rock it girl!!


just catchin up and sooooo many funny things!!! the used car comment cracked me up!
those behind the scene baby pictures are amazing! i'll bring my newbie to vegas if ya wanna practice!!! you take the BEST pictures ever!!! REALLY.
the yolk/baby chick discussion is awesome!

LOVE the shot of the kids on their bikes and you make me laugh w/ your lauren caption.
Your GC watching looks mighty comfy- taking noted on that one!

and hello- how gorgeous/GQ does the Duke family look just totally chill on the steps during the egg hunt? you people are easy on the eyes for sure!

I love your posts- your so in the moment and real and FUNNY. its a good life.

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