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July 23, 2010



I didn't know it was the first EVER! I love the picture of Russell - I think I'm going to have to get a frame for that one.

Jennifer Reil

I always admired your family! You should get to Boise, that's where my dad lives and it's a great little family town!


that was fun! i am glad you had your camera. now we will always have these memories! you got some really good pics. the one of russ for sure and then candace and dyl is cute too!


i got no prob scrolling thru the pics. such a cute little night for the adults. i always want to bring my camera to events in public but i tend to get to embarrassed and my family makes fun of me for always taking pictures, so usually, I don't. Way to go!!


I love that your dad said you never embarrass him...very sweet.


these are amazing! such a cute crowd. your parents rule!

Kara Brinkerhoff

Heather!!! I love all those pictures! They bring back lots of memories from my childhood. Oh and everyone looks great!!!

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