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September 09, 2011


Jen Reil

When we lived in Taiwan we got this little "plug-in" from Costco that sends out super-sonic sound waves that's supposed to keep ants, mice, etc out of your home. Lots of our friends in Taiwan had cockroach problems, we had a total of 3 the entire 4 years we lived there (and they were the flying kind). We've been using it since we moved to Canada and we've had no pest problems so far (and my friend down the street had mice in her basement last winter). Maybe they have something like that in Vegas you can plug into your garage?

Loved the grandma story with stepping on the baby mouse. Probably at the same, we got mice at our house too. I remember my mom getting a broom and sweeping the mouse out of the house and once she got it in the street she whacked it to oblivion with that broom. She was hysterically screaming the whole time, and I was laughing so hard =).


ewwwww.....heeby jeeby overload!

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