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September 14, 2012



Love the reflection of the kids in the first shot, reminds me of my brother and I growing up... Everyone should buy a house for the kitchen, it's always the center of gathering! Oh and the last shot with the dog, identical to our dining room too!

Heather Moll

love this peek into your kitchen! it really is the center of it all, isn't it?!

Stacey sink once clean once, like 6 years ago. :)


Oh, I hear you about the clean sink.
I just LOVE when all the dishes are washed, dried and put away, it makes me feel really good.
Then there are the weekends that I work and my husband is home, Yikes! I just about blow a gasket when I walk in the door and the kitchen looks like something exploded (and he's taking a nap on the sofa, because it's his "day off").
Anyway, I see lots of your kitchen/dining/LR on instagram and I love it. Even with dishes in the sink, it looks great.


I don't think my kitchen sink is ever without a dish or glass in it! Love the real life shots :)


You're totally the only one with a sink that looks like that! Mine would NEVER!


Total case you couldn't tell. I love your honesty!;)


your kitchen shots are always my favs! i love that you posted next weeks word too, i totally copied that!!


i can't help myself. my whole house can be a wreck, but i can't have dishes piled up in the sink. i like doing dishes and we've never owned a dishwasher... ;) by the way, i love your faucet!! i'd had so much fun w/ that thing!


Yep, that's about what my sink looks like daily. ;) And it drives me crazy! (Your dog sure is a cutie!)

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