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September 21, 2012


Heather Moll

oooh, yes, applesauce totally reminds me of fall too! i have 2 bags of apples in my fridge waiting to be made into applesauce. love the photos you shared. and hope all is going well with preschool.


Oh these are just lovely. You seriously inspire me to make everyday moments beautiful!


I loved these photos Heather. That first precious! And I'm pinning your applesauce recipe for future use! Thanks!


Always wanted to buy that Apple peeler/slicer!! :-) beautiful photos - thanks for sharing!


mmm, I can smell the cinnamon. That looks like fun, too!


This is so sweet.

Love the apples, not a big fan of applesauce at all. Maybe it's the texture... not sure. But that looks like a ton of fun peeling the apples that way!

I love that preschool classroom & I love the light that shines in! :)


Great photos and they look like Nice kids, no mischievous little grins.
Love homemade applesauce. My BIL had a crab apple tree that made the best ever sauce and it turned out pink.
Have you tried it without sugar? It's wonderful.

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