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September 28, 2012



I can relate. I let things stay out and hope to complete it sooner than expected. . . yeap... laundry can definitely wait! :)

Cute chairs as well!


Oh my heck those chairs are gorgeous. You should definitely give the dishes - or the kids - a miss this week so you can finish them. Kidding about the kids part. :)

I hear you about only being able to tackle a day at a time though it looks like one more week of craziness and I'll be able to come up for air.

Please post a photo when you're done, I'm dying to see them finished!


Wow, I can certainly relate to that. I also leave the stuff out as a reminder to make time to finish...pretty soon it becomes invisible. My son is coming home for a visit in 2 weeks, so I'm using that as a catalyst...hope it works.
You tackled some tedious jobs, but what you've done looks great. You will be on top of the world when you finish.


Fantastic!!!!! Love them!!


this all looks SOOOOO amazing Heather, serious jealousy happening over here ;)


Seriously LOVE. Love what you are doing with those chairs! Gosh, makes me lament all of the old chairs I've passed up at garage sales...


I love, love, love that color!!!

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